Havasu Home Sellers Love/Hate Relationship With Selling in the Spring
By www-thehavasuhome-com March 28, 2019

Spring tends to be the busiest season in the Havasu real estate market. Why? Because it’s right before the temperatures start to soar. Who wants to move in triple-digit heat? Yes, we still see plenty of sales in the summertime as well. But, if you have been thinking about putting your real estate in Lake Havasu on the market, now would be a perfect time to do so. Even though spring tends to be a great time for Havasu home sellers, there are a few things they love and a few things they hate about selling at this time of the year.

What Havasu Home Sellers Love About Selling in the Spring

Increased Buyer Interest

With the holidays behind them, buyers begin their search for real estate in Lake Havasu with more fervor. Havasu home sellers should take advantage of this increased interest by listing their property on the Havasu real estate market right now. More traffic to your door also increases your chances of multiple offers. Now that’s a problem every seller would love to resolve!

Goldilocks Weather

Right now, the weather in Lake Havasu City is heavenly. We’re sitting pretty in the 70’s at the moment. Over the next couple of months, that begins to climb but still remains a comfortable 80-90F…perfect house-hunting weather. Be ready for buyers to take a tour of your real estate in Lake Havasu at all times. Do dishes as soon as they get dirty, even if that means hand-washing and drying them. Take trash out daily. Empty litter boxes and pick up your dog’s “leftovers” from the yard every day as well. Take a quick tour around your home (both inside and out) before a showing to tidy up wherever needed.

Higher Sale Prices

One of the ways to determine an accurate market value for your real estate in Lake Havasu is by running “comps”. This shows recent sales of other homes in your neighborhood. With more sales taking place, you have a good chance that your home will sell for a higher price. Your real estate agent uses this information to help you decide on a proper listing price. Remember: keep your listing price realistic. You don’t want to lose a sale because the appraisal falls below your list price.

What Havasu Home Sellers Hate About Selling in the Spring

Lots of Competition

On the flip side, many Havasu home sellers understand that more buyers are looking for their next home right now. So, they also put their homes on the Havasu real estate market. That means more competition among sellers to capture buyers’ attention. Make sure your real estate in Lake Havasu is in tip-top condition before you list it. Get all your spring cleaning done now. Make sure to stage it to appeal to prospective buyers. You want your home to stand out in the crowd so that you start fielding offers right away.

Busy Agents

More business means busier agents. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Interview several real estate agents before deciding which one to hire. Ask them how many clients they currently represent. Ask for references. Some agents can handle a higher client load than others. So, a higher amount isn’t necessarily bad. However, this should definitely be something to ask about when you conduct your interview.

Uber-Critical Buyers

Finally, Havasu home sellers might see more hyper-critical buyers in the spring. With more homes on the Havasu real estate market, buyers have the luxury of seeing several houses at a time. That’s why it’s important to make sure you put your home’s best face forward. No matter how insignificant you think they might be, make all those necessary repairs you’ve been putting off. If tackling the big stuff isn’t in the budget, do a little homework and collect bids from contractors to present to buyers. This might mean lowering your asking price in order to remain competitive with more up-to-date real estate in Lake Havasu. But it could also increase your chances for a sale.

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