Spring Cleaning Your Way to a Havasu Home Sale
By www-thehavasuhome-com March 20, 2019

Spring has officially sprung. Today marks the first day of spring here in Lake Havasu City. We are now entering one of the busiest times of the year in the Havasu real estate market. So, if you plan on putting your real estate in Lake Havasu up for sale soon, a good spring cleaning is in order. Add these chores to your “must do” spring cleaning list and you’ll be posting a “SOLD” sign in your front yard before you know it!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Inside Your Havasu Home

Clean everything. Carpets, drapes, cabinets, drawers, baseboards, ceilings, walls, oven, refrigerator, closets…EVERYTHING! Shampoo your carpet, especially if you own pets. Take down the drapes and wash them. Run a dust rag over the ceiling fan blades. Clean the interior AND exterior of the fireplace in your real estate in Lake Havasu. Dust shelves, blinds, wood or metal furniture, fake plants, and doorknobs. Clean out the litter box, especially right before a showing. Change the air filters. Replace the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Then, replace any cracked or broken caulking or weatherstripping around windows and doors.

In the bathroom of your real estate in Lake Havasu, replace your old shower curtain with a new one. Scrub around the toilet tank and in the shower. Clear the counters of any clutter. Wash the mirror and polish all the fixtures. Don’t forget to wipe down the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Remove any build-up in the drains so that the water flows down them properly. (Believe me, buyers will check!) In the kitchen, keep countertops clear of any clutter as well. Neatly store any items you aren’t using at the moment. Wipe down every surface area, including baseboards, backsplash, and fixtures. Get rid of any grease or food splatters inside your oven and microwave. Make sure the exterior of your appliances, cabinets, and drawers are also wiped down.

Outside Your Havasu Home

Before you place your home on the Havasu real estate market, make sure you perform some spring cleaning on the exterior of your house as well. Get rid of any cobwebs. Rip out weeds. Replace mulch where needed. Sweep the driveways, sidewalks, and patio. Then, pressure wash them. Also, pressure wash your patio furniture. Now would be a good time to replace your welcome mat. Make sure the swimming pool equipment is in good working order. Then, clear out the filter and clean the pool. Look for any cracks or holes in your driveway or sidewalk and make repairs where necessary. You don’t need anyone tripping over this when they’re trying to survey your property. Check for loose boards or nails in your decking or on the porch. Grab your ladder and head up to the roof. Inspect it for any broken tiles, torn shingles or pooling water. Then, clean out the gutters.

How does spring cleaning help you sell your real estate in Lake Havasu? First of all, it ensures that your property looks its absolute best. Secondly, and probably most importantly, it helps you identify any potential problems and gives you a chance to correct them. Some of these issues could derail a potential sale. So, if you take care of them now, you won’t have to worry about them coming up on a home inspection later. It just makes good business sense.

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