Home Inspection "To Do" List
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Decluttering your home is one of the chores all sellers need to complete before listing their home on the Havasu real estate market. This not only makes your rooms appear bigger but it also allows you to get a jump on your packing. Once you find a buyer, they may hire a home inspector to go through your real estate in Lake Havasu to make sure everything operates the way it should. This is different than a home appraisal but equally important to the sale of your property. If you fail this home inspection, you run the risk of losing a sale. To avoid this, make sure to tackle this “to do” list as soon as possible.

If you do not want to fail a home inspection, make sure you tackle this "to do" list as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might lose a sale.

Home Inspection “To Do” List


In some parts of the country, HVAC systems last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced. However, our higher temperatures for much of the year put their average life span at 12 to 15 years. If the HVAC system in your real estate in Lake Havasu gets close to that mark before you list, hire an inspector to come out and check on it. Definitely call in a pro if you feel temperature fluctuation occurring. At the very least, you should pay for a tune-up to ensure it runs properly before you hit the Havasu real estate market.

Electrical System

Do your lights flicker or dim when you turn them on? Your electrical system may have an issue. Call in a professional to make sure your electrical systems work properly. Also, any electrical outlets within six feet of a water source should be GFCI outlets. These automatically shut off power to the outlet when it senses a change in the electrical current, including water nearby. This helps avoid an electrical fire or electrical shock from happening to anyone nearby.

Roofing Materials

Yes, inspectors check this part of your real estate in Lake Havasu during a home inspection, too. Clear out your gutters. Check for cracks or leaks in your downspouts or vents. Replace missing shingles.


Lake Havasu is known for its “dry heat”. But that does not mean you will never find mold here. Before you list your property on the Havasu real estate market (and definitely before a home inspection), look for mold and mildew on walls, around windows, near tubs, under sinks, and everywhere else around your home. You might want to hire a mold inspector to make sure you do not miss something. Mold detection on an inspector’s report can signal the death of a home sale.


Finally, do not neglect your windows or doors. If you see daylight around the edges of an exterior door while inside of your real estate in Lake Havasu, you need to add weatherstripping and/or a kickplate to seal it up. The same goes for windows. Make sure all of these open and close properly as well.

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