Buyers DO Notice the Little Things
By www-thehavasuhome-com January 06, 2021

Let’s face it. When you purchased your real estate in Lake Havasu, everything looked shiny and new. But, everyday life tends to take the shine off of things. It happens to everyone. But now you want to put your home on the Havasu real estate market. Good thing, too, because our local market favors sellers right now. While you were perfectly happy to overlook squeaky hinges and chipped tile, buyers notice everything. What four little things should you definitely fix before they become a problem for your home’s sale?

Buyers DO Notice These Little Things

Ripped Window Screens

Window screens were not made to last forever. They eventually wear out. But if the screens on the windows of your real estate in Lake Havasu appear torn, replace them right away. If left untouched, it causes buyers to wonder what other bigger things might have been neglected inside. If nothing else, they may ask for a credit on the sale price to fix it (and anything else they see wrong with the house). In turn, this could create a delay in finalizing your home’s sale.

Bathroom Issues

Some people love their Saturday evening bath time. Others never find time for anything other than a shower. Ideally, your bathrooms should include both a tub and a shower. But if a major bathroom renovation is not in your budget, make sure your tub or shower appears aesthetically pleasing to as many buyers in the Havasu real estate market as possible. That means neutral colors and a simple design.

Limited Closet Space

No one likes a tiny closet in their real estate in Lake Havasu. Unfortunately, increasing the size may be outside of your budget. To make your closets appear larger by removing half of its contents and storing them out of sight elsewhere. Install organizational units inside. Add an extra shelf above the top shelf to add more storage space. Ask a contractor for an estimate to increase the closet space in the master bedroom. That way, you provide an option for potential buyers if they want to pursue that avenue later.

Sticky Door Locks

Finally, those stick door locks. Most homeowners enter their real estate in Lake Havasu through the garage. So, they may have forgotten about how much the front door lock sticks. Well, this could be a “sticky” situation for buyers since that is usually the way they enter a home they are looking at. Sticky locks on exterior doors scream “safety issue” to buyers on the Havasu real estate market…even if they never presented a problem to you while you lived there. Just take a moment and make sure your key locks and unlocks the front door easily. I would hate for you to risk a sale simply because the front door lock sticks.

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