Home Offers: When to Accept and When to Say "No Thanks"
By www-thehavasuhome-com December 09, 2020

First, you completed some home improvement projects at your real estate in Lake Havasu that made it more appealing to today’s home buyers. Then, you listed your property on the Havasu real estate market. Now, the home offers have begun pouring in. How do you determine a good offer from a bad one?

When should you accept a home offer presented on your real estate in Lake Havasu and when should you just say "no thanks"?

The Home Offer Process

Consider All Offers

Now, remember. I said consider every offer…not accept all offers. Every home offer represents a potential sale for your real estate in Lake Havasu. Even though the Havasu real estate market favors sellers, you should not turn down an offer simply because it was below your asking price. A buyer with a strong financial backing but a slightly lower offer might prove to be a much stronger option than a higher price from a buyer with no loan approval in place. Talk to your Havasu REALTOR® about including a pre-approval letter stipulation with every offer.


Expect to see a home offer on your real estate in Lake Havasu that comes in below your list price. Why? Even with our super low inventory here in the Havasu real estate market, buyers want “a deal”. Do not take it personally. You always have the option to counter any offer. Even an exceptionally lowball offer can potentially be turned around. That is where hiring a REALTOR® with exceptional negotiation skills come in handy. (Hint: I work hard for you in every aspect of the home selling process.) Keep time in mind when countering as well. Set a deadline for the buyer to respond to your counter-offer. This keeps you from a time-consuming back-and-forth. Plus, it allows you to consider other offfers.

Set a Game Plan Before You List

Sit down with your Havasu REALTOR® before your home hits the Havasu real estate market. First, determine a fair list price. Decide on the lowest price you are willing to accept. Then, discuss what conditions warrant a counteroffer. How should you handle a low ball home offer? When should you counter back at full price? Finally, which contingencies (if any) are you willing to negotiate? Before you know it, you will be past the home offer process and into the escrow stage.

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