How the MLS Helps Havasu Home Sellers
By www-thehavasuhome-com October 21, 2020

For a while now, the Havasu real estate market favored the seller. It doesn’t appear to show signs of stopping anytime soon either. Even so, you still need someone who knows the market well. Search for someone with experience in the Havasu market as well as someone that can help you determine the right listing price to bring traffic to your door. (Price your real estate in Lake Havasu right and you could find yourself in the midst of a bidding war.) But you also want someone with access to the MLS. Why? Exposure.

When selling your real estate in Lake Havasu, you need to find a REALTOR who is also a member of the MLS in order to give your listing more exposure to potential buyers.

How the MLS Helps Havasu Home Sellers

What is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service is a private database created by real estate professionals. It lists homes for sale in various markets, including the Havasu real estate market. Not all agents have access to the MLS, though. A real estate professional must pay a membership fee for full access to the database.

How Does it Help Home Sellers?

By listing your real estate in Lake Havasu on the local MLS, your property’s information becomes available to all of the buyer’s agents who access to database. Thus, your listing reaches hundreds if not thousands of real estate professionals who access the site. In turn, your listing has a better chance of reaching the right buyer than simply posting a sign in your yard ever could. And since many REALTORs® and brokers allow free public access to the MLS (with privacy restrictions in place), you increase the chances of a buyer finding your home for sale while surfing the net. After all, buyers often hit the internet in search of homes before they even hire a buyer’s agent to represent them.

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