How to Increase Your Backyard Appeal
By www-thehavasuhome-com October 07, 2020

We’ve all heard about the importance of curb appeal when selling your real estate in Lake Havasu. Don’t forget your backyard appeal as well. When you live in a place that sees more than 300 days a year of sunshine, you live a lot of your life outdoors. With COVID as a concern, we spend more of that outdoor time at home. Today’s buyers in the Havasu real estate market look for an inviting outdoor space as well. So, you need to focus on increasing the look of your backyard in order to appeal to more buyers.

While curb appeal is very important when selling your real estate in Lake Havasu, don't neglect the importance of backyard appeal when preparing your property for the Havasu real estate market.

How to Increase Your Backyard Appeal

Add Some Warmth

Yes, sunshine greets our faces every day. But the winter still gets a little chilly at night. Consider installing a fireplace for more backyard appeal at your real estate in Lake Havasu. A more inexpensive option would be a fire pit or patio heater.

Update Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture adds appeal to any backyard. After all, you want it to look like a place people want to hang out in. But, if your furniture looks a little outdated, consider painting it. Then, add some brightly colored cushions. Make sure you include tables for people to place their drinks and/or food on. Create a comfy seating area around your fireplace or fire pit and then a separate area with a table and chairs for eating. Show off how easy it is to entertain or just hang with the family. Buyers looking for a property in the Havasu real estate market gravitate to homes that include usable outdoor living space.

Let There Be Light

Of course, you want to show how useful your outdoor space is at night as well. So, make sure you add lights to your real estate in Lake Havasu. Edison lights offer a cool option for your patio. String twinkle lights around any tree trunks to create a festive mood. Solar lights provide an energy-efficient way to light up the areas of your yard outside of the patio area. Consider placing strings of colored LED lights (in green, red, blue, etc.) in planters or around shrubs to add a touch of color any time of the year.

Call of the Wild

Finally, invite nature into your yard for more backyard appeal to your real estate in Lake Havasu. Birdbaths provide a place for our feathered friends to wet their whistle. Birdfeeders and squirrel feeders offer a bite for the road. Birdhouses provide shelter when needed. Windchimes also create a serene atmosphere.

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