What Lake Havasu Home Buyers Are Looking For in 2020
By www-thehavasuhome-com September 30, 2020

This year, the global pandemic played a part in all of our lives in one way or another. Even so, the Havasu real estate market continued going strong. It stumbled a little early on with COVID restrictions in place. But the median sale price for real estate in Lake Havasu hit its highest mark ever in August. It could climb even higher when September’s stats come out. That means great things for sellers. But, even in a hot seller’s market, you need to know what Lake Havasu home buyers are looking for right now in order to make sure your property appeals to the widest audience.

Before you list your house on the Havasu real estate market, find out what Lake Havasu home buyers are looking for in 2020 so you know how to stage it to sell.

What Lake Havasu Home Buyers Are Looking For in 2020

Outdoor Living Space

In Lake Havasu, we enjoy more than 300 days a year of gorgeous sunshine. We spend lots of time outdoors. But with ongoing COVID-19 concerns, people stick close to home for the most part. Therefore, it makes sense that Lake Havasu home buyers want to see an inviting outdoor living space. So, add a covered patio. Place a table and comfortable chairs under the patio. Create an outdoor kitchen by enclosing a barbecue and adding a prep station with a mini-fridge. Spruce up the landscaping with colorful rocks and flowering desert plants. Make buyers see that the outside of your real estate in Lake Havasu offers as much useful living space as the interior of your home.

Dedicated Home Office

Another trend we see among Lake Havasu home buyers is the search for a dedicated home office and/or classroom space. With more and more workers finding their temporary work-at-home situations continuing for the long-haul, buyers want to see a dedicated home office space when searching for a home in the Havasu real estate market. If you don’t currently have a space set up as an office, stage one of your bedrooms as a home office to give potential buyers an option.

Home Gym

Health clubs shut down during the pandemic. Earlier this month, they were allowed to open again. But some people still hesitated going back to a public arena to exercise. They turned back to their real estate in Lake Havasu to create a home gym they could use. For some, this continues to be their workout center of choice. It’s also what many Lake Havasu home buyers look for. Whether it’s an entire room dedicated to working out, a corner of a larger room in your house, or an optional “she-shed” in the backyard, show buyers how they could utilize space in the home for a gym.

Multi-Generational Living

As health care and living assistance costs go up, many people invite their elderly relatives to come live with them as they age. Multi-generational living has become a sought-after commodity for Lake Havasu home buyers. If you currently have an in-law suite or even an extra bedroom, make it elderly-friendly. Add handrails and a bench inside the shower. Create a no-entry shower (even a small step creates a huge obstacle for people with physical limitations). Install a taller commode. Make sure the doorways into any room in your real estate in Lake Havasu as well as the hallways are wide enough to accommodate a walker or chair.

More Laundry Room Space

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly doing laundry. Clothes, bedding, towels…all of it gets done even more than normal to make sure we keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Lake Havasu home buyers want to see laundry rooms that include a table for folding clothes as well as a place to hang clothes to dry and storage area for laundry detergent, bleach, softener, etc., in their real estate in Lake Havasu. If your current laundry room doesn’t offer any of this, you might want to consider expanding it to check off as many o these boxes as possible.

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