Create an Indoor/Outdoor Space That Appeals to Buyers
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For most residents, living the Havasu lifestyle means embracing outdoor activities with gusto. Our 300+ days of sunshine a year means that we enjoy the luxury of spending a great amount of our time outside. When you include a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space, the actual living area of your real estate in Lake Havasu expands. If you plan on listing your property on the Havasu real estate market anytime soon, you might want to think about creating an indoor/outdoor space that appeals to buyers.

How to Create an Indoor/Outdoor Space That Appeals to Buyers

Let There Be Light

Always let natural light into the living space of your real estate in Lake Havasu. In the desert, that might prove hard to do when we hit triple-digit temperatures. We naturally want to limit sunlight in order to keep the inside temperature regulated. But you can beat the heat while still allowing the sunshine inside. Consider using solar or cellular shades. Solar shades also reduce your energy use by as much as 30%. Bonus! A covered patio or pergola minimizes direct sun exposure through the windows but still allows light inside.

French Doors

During the cooler fall, winter, and spring months, you might feel like knocking down the wall between your indoor/outdoor space. Instead, install wide french doors that enclose the indoor space of your real estate in Lake Havasu but also allow you to open up the wall between both spaces when you feel like it.

Decorate to Encourage Co-Mingling Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Set up comfy seating to lounge on with handy tables nearby that allow you and your guests to set their drinks or snacks down. Hang up a porch swing or hammock. Add an outdoor fan to keep everyone cool on the patio. Install a TV over your outdoor fireplace for Monday night football, Super Bowl Sunday, or family movie night. Create a comfortable space at your real estate in Lake Havasu that invites people to enjoy both spaces anytime.

Outdoor Kitchen

Love entertaining? Hate heating up the kitchen during the hot summer nights? Install an outdoor kitchen. In addition to a grill, add a bar top, sink, refrigerator, and freezer to create the perfect entertaining venue for your indoor/outdoor space.

Buyers in the Havasu real estate market love to see good use of indoor/outdoor space. So, do what you can to make your space much more inviting. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy it before you sell it, too. When you’re ready to list your home on the market, contact me.

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