Small Home Improvement Projects That Offer Big Returns
By www-thehavasuhome-com August 26, 2020

Yes, a “she shed” can add value to your home. And solar panels save on energy costs while appealing to today’s home buyers. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make a big impression when you list your property on the Havasu real estate market. A few small home improvement projects allow your real estate in Lake Havasu to stand in a crowd without breaking the bank.

Before you list your house on the Havasu real estate market, perform some of these small home improvement projects that offer big returns and appeal to more buyers.

Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before You Sell

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And kitchens still help sell real estate in Lake Havasu. Quartz countertops offer a beautiful alternative to granite. (They’ve also become more popular with buyers.) But this home improvement project tends to cost a bit. For a less “spendy” option, make over your kitchen cabinets. Freshen them up with a new coat of paint. One of the current home decor trends we see is two-tone cabinets. One color on your upper cabinets. Another color on the lower cabinets. Take the cabinet doors off their hinges to ensure an even paint job. Take your time. Buyers want to see a nice finish, not a sloppy surface. Add or change pulls for a more modern look.

Exterior Appeal

Never neglect your curb appeal. Buyers see this first when looking at real estate in Lake Havasu. Pull weeds. Replace old light fixtures. Prune plants. Keep the walkway and driveway clear. If your front door looks a little worse for wear, paint the front door in a color that complements your home’s exterior. Or be a little daring and use black, red, or even turquoise for a bit of added “wow” factor.

Backyard Living Space

In Arizona, we get to use out outdoor space for most of the year. So, pay attention to your backyard living space before you list your property on the Havasu real estate market. Add new cushions to your old patio furniture. If the furniture itself looks a bit haggard, spray paint it in a new, more vibrant color. Place an outdoor throw rug on the patio and arrange your furniture into a nice conversation area. Add solar lights all around the backyard for extra light at night without an added utility expense.

Add Storage

No matter how big our real estate in Lake Havasu might be, we always seem to need more storage. So I recommend always adding storage space wherever possible. Pantry space in the kitchen. Organizational systems in the bedroom closets. Shelving and/or cabinets in the garage. Even storage shelves hanging from the ceiling in the garage add valuable storage space.

Make Necessary Repairs

Finally, always complete those repairs you put off or ignored. It doesn’t matter how small the repair is either. We just make do with a squeaky hinge, loose doorknob, and a doorbell that doesn’t work in our real estate in Lake Havasu. But buyers notice these things. So fix them before you list your property on the Havasu real estate market.

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