"She Shed" Can Add Value to Your Havasu Home
By www-thehavasuhome-com August 12, 2020

For the past few months, many of us felt confined to our real estate in Lake Havasu. We work there. We play there. Sure, we leave to go grocery shopping or run errands. But, for a large portion of the population, we have spent far more time inside our homes lately than ever before. You might start feeling the walls closing in on you. Should you start looking for a new place? Maybe. On the other hand, you could consider expanding your living space to outside. In fact, a “She Shed” could actually add value to your home. In turn, you might be able to ask for a higher price when you place it on the Havasu real estate market in the future.

Want to increase your living space without an extremely expensive addition? Consider constructing a "she shed" in your backyard. If done properly, it might even add value to your Lake Havasu home.

Adding Value with a “She Shed”

Why a “She Shed”?

Did your employer send you home to work as a temporary measure earlier this year? Has that become a more permanent option? Then the corner desk in the living room or using the dining room table as your office in your home might not be working out so well as time goes on. If every room in your real estate in Lake Havasu is already filled up to capacity, your only option might be to expand outward.

Perhaps you need to take in a loved one for the long term. Or just want to add guest space that allows for more privacy. Maybe your budding artist needs some space to create. Sometimes, a nice yoga studio or gym set away from your main living area gives you the peace of mind you seek. Whatever the case may be, this option tends to cost much less than actually adding onto your existing residential structure.

Things to Consider Before You Start

How Close to Your Home Should You Place It? – Too close to the home and you might need permits. Too far and it costs more to run electrical to the structure. Check with the Lake Havasu Building Department to see whether you need a building permit or not before you add the structure. If you do it without a permit and it needs one, it could cost you when you try to sell it on the Havasu real estate market later. In fact, you might even have to tear it down in order to complete the sale. So, do your homework now to avoid heartache later.

Size – The bigger, the better, right? Not necessarily. In most cities, any stand-alone structure larger than 108 square feet automatically requires a building permit. Again, check with the City before you start. Also, a larger structure costs more to cool, heat, and power than a smaller structure. In any case, 108 square feet should be enough space to do what you need to in this space.

Pre-Fab or Made in Place? – If you’re handy, you might want to go ahead and build your own. Look for plans online. Even better, order a kit online that gives you exactly what you need to build it on your real estate in Lake Havasu (Google “she shed kits”). Or visit your local home improvement store for options. You can also talk to a local contractor about building one for you.

Electricity/Water – Anyone who weathered a summer here in Lake Havasu City knows you cannot live without air conditioning. Plus, you’ll want to be able to charge your electrical devices. Then, there’s the question of light on those work days that go on into the night. Maybe you need a sink to wash your hands or enjoy a cold drink. This work is best left to the professionals. Obtain bids for this work from local electricians and plumbers. Then, check their references before you begin the work on your real estate in Lake Havasu.

Insulation – Good insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature year round. But don’t just add some cheap fiberglass insulation to a regular garden shed. That won’t work to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Therefore, it’s a waste of money. R-20 insulation, the kind they used inside your real estate in Lake Havasu, is a better option. For the musician in your household, consider soundproofing. Your neighbors will thank you.

Design Elements – Finally, what about the design? Industrial? Farmhouse? Shabby-chic? Add windows for natural light and to create a spacious feel. What types of finishes do you want? What about the flooring? Paint? Plotting out your design elements before you build the structure will help cut down the time it takes to complete this project.

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