How Long Will it Take to Sell My Lake Havasu Home?
By www-thehavasuhome-com August 06, 2020

The weather isn’t the only “hot” thing in Havasu. Our Havasu real estate market is also “hot”. We see a lot of buyer demand right now. So, it’s a great time to sell your property for a great price. When selling real estate in Lake Havasu, you may end up with a ton of questions. How much should I expect to receive for my property? Who should I hire to represent my interests in this transaction? How long will it take to sell my Lake Havasu home? In this post, I plan on tackling the question of time so that you know what to expect.

One of the questions most often asked by sellers is how long they should expect it to take to sell their Lake Havasu home listing to close.

Timeframe to Sell a Lake Havasu Home

Hiring an Agent

Don't forget to include your closing costs when calculating the profits from the sale of your real estate in Lake Havasu.

Finding the right person to represent you in buying real estate in Lake Havasu usually takes less than a week. Ask friends and family who they used for their home sale. Interview several different agents. Find out about their credentials, experience, marketing plans, and past client reviews. You need to hire someone you feel comfortable with to handle something as significant as your home sale in the Havasu real estate market. That may not necessarily be the first person you interview.

Listing Your Home

In all honesty, this mostly falls on your agent’s shoulders. They need to gather information on your property to help you decide on a price. Plus, they must hire a photographer and/or videographer to showcase your home in its best light online. Your part depends on how quickly you prep your real estate in Lake Havasu to sell, such as staging (although a competent agent should be able to help you with this, too). Things like updating your curb appeal, decluttering, and any home improvement projects should be completed before you even talk to an agent. Typically, listing your home takes between three to five days.

Receiving an Offer

Much of the real estate industry operates on a “hurry up and wait” philosophy. After you officially place your home on the Havasu real estate market, your agent goes to work finding buyers but you, the homeowner, wait for an offer to come in. Last year, sellers waited an average of 51 days before receiving an offer from a buyer. Last month, that dropped to just 19 days. In June 2020, sellers waited 31 days (the second highest average recorded this year). But, the number of days real estate in Lake Havasu stayed on the market this year averaged out to around 27. That helps make this a seller’s market. For this step, right now, 30 to 45 days is a conservative estimate for how long you might expect to be on the market before receiving an offer.

Closing Time

Once you receive and approve of an offer, it takes roughly two to six weeks to close. Take your time to do any due diligence necessary to ensure the seller is well qualified. Your agent should handle this for you. Also, your real estate in Lake Havasu still needs to go through a home inspection as well as a home appraisal. Then, there’s the final paperwork, documentation, etc. required to close.

So, from the first day you start your agent search to the final passing of the keys to the new owner, a typical Lake Havasu home sale takes around 60 days to complete. Some take much faster and some might require a little longer. Every situation is different. For a better estimate of what to expect out of your specific transaction, talk to your agent.

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