Home Office and Zoom Room Options Today's Homebuyers Want
By www-thehavasuhome-com July 29, 2020

Even before COVID-19 hit our shores, telecommuting was on the rise. According to Fundera, the number of employees who work-from-home rose 173% in the last 15 years. That does not include any self-employed people. They expect to see as many as 73% of people working from home by 2028. As “temporary” work-from-home measures becomes more permanent in places like real estate in Lake Havasu, workers want a better option than the dining room table for their home office. And with zoom meetings becoming more common, homebuyers search out properties that offer a nice zoom room area to work from. So, before you put your property up for sale on the Havasu real estate market, make sure you stage these areas in your home for potential buyers to see.

Today's homebuyers want to see dedicated home office space in their real estate in Lake Havasu. Setting up a Zoom Room could also help sell your house.

Home Office and Zoom Room Options

Home Office Options

Perhaps the easiest option to creating a nice home office space in your real estate in Lake Havasu is to turn a spare bedroom into an office. A wall-mounted desk can be a great space-saving option. Or install a Murphy bed to use only when guests spend the night. Every other day, tuck the bed away for more office space. If you’re really tight on space, consider converting the closet into an office space. Install shelves on the interior walls to help keep your things organized.

For bigger budgets, consider installing a “she shed” in the backyard, complete with power and direct internet connection. You can order one online, send it to your home, and install it yourself for a few thousand dollars. Of course, hire a pro to install the electricity and internet. It also offers a superb selling point when you list it on the Havasu real estate market. If all else fails, you might need to sell your property and look for something larger to accommodate your new work-from-home lifestyle

What Makes a Good Zoom Room?

Those employees working from their real estate in Lake Havasu still need to interact occasionally with others in their company. The latest in remote intercompany meetups is via Zoom. On one hand, this provides a great way to visually interact with your co-workers. On the other hand, they see the space you are “zooming” from. People want to still project a professional image and make a good impression. Your office can also work as a Zoom Room. Or you can set up a completely different space for it if you’d like.

Your zoom room should have good lighting. Natural light works best. So, set up your space so that you face windows. Instead of plain white walls, use a color on the walls behind you. Then, just like when you get ready to list your property on the Havasu real estate market, make sure you declutter your office space. This helps you project a more polished, professional image to those you Zoom with. Finally, add some designer touches a few layered elements, such as a few stacked books and colorful vases on a shelf or an area rug and throw pillows. Just keep them simple and use them sparingly.

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