Current Home Decor Trends
By www-thehavasuhome-com July 01, 2020

Want to list your home on the Havasu real estate market soon? You need it to look its absolute best to appeal to as many buyers as possible. If your real estate in Lake Havasu needs a little updating, you should consider these current home decor trends when deciding where to spend your remodeling dollars.

If your real estate in Lake Havasu needs some updating before you list it on the Havasu real estate market, consider implementing some of these current home decor trends into the design to appeal to today's home buyers.

Current Home Decor Trends

Go Vintage

What’s old is new again. Just don’t overdo it in your real estate in Lake Havasu. Vintage accents here and there, such as doorknobs, cabinet knobs, door knockers or even spooled legs on your dining room table and chairs, makes a pretty statement without feeling overwhelming. Antique artwork also gives a nod to days past. Stick with a similar theme (pastoral scenes, farmhouses, sailboats, still life) or color to keep a cohesive feel.

Real Estate’s “Blue Period”

One of the current home decor trends that have gained momentum over the past couple of years is using color in your real estate in Lake Havasu interior design. Specifically, navy blue. It is considered a neutral color. That means it complements whatever you pair it with. A navy blue accent wall in the bedroom. Navy blue walls against subway tile in the bathroom. Painting your kitchen island navy blue. It’s a very versatile color that makes an easy addition just about anywhere.

In the Kitchen

Just a few years ago, kitchens stepped back from plain wood cabinets to all white. But in the last year or so, we started encountering more use of color in the kitchens in the Havasu real estate market. Two-tone cabinets make a huge statement but don’t necessarily require a huge budget. Soft colored upper cabinets play well off darker colored lower cabinets and a neutral backsplash. Instead of installing all closed cabinets, add a few open shelves with some lovely artwork or decorative pieces on them to add dimension. Too daring for your taste? Paint all of the kitchen cabinets a muted eggshell but add a bright pop of color by painting your kitchen island in the color du jour: navy blue.

Textures and Curves

Add interest without feeling too “trendy” by using color, texture, and shapes to your real estate in Lake Havasu decor. One of the current home decor trends is to use accents in a beautiful patina. Soft fabrics feel cozy. A pretty curved sofa or chair in a soft velvet adds a lovely focal point to your living room. Use rattan or wicker furniture in your breakfast nook, sun room, bedroom sitting area or living room to add more texture to the room.

Free-Standing Tubs

Finally, say “bye-bye” to a fully enclosed tub. Free-standing tubs have made a serious comeback in recent years. Whether a classic clawfoot or more modern looking flat-bottomed soaking tub, free-standing tubs turn a regular bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat.

If your property needs a bit of updating before you place it on the Havasu real estate market, consider implementing some of these current home trends into your design. Today’s home buyers love to see these features included in the homes they look at. When you’re ready to list, contact me.

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