How Much is My Havasu Home Worth?
By www-thehavasuhome-com May 27, 2020

I’ve talked a lot in the past about how to increase the value of your Lake Havasu real estate. Curb appeal projects. Updating/adding outdoor living space. Installing smart-home features. Maybe event a kitchen or bathroom remodel. These all may do wonders to increase your property’s value. However, do you know what that number actually is? You need to find out before you list your house on the Havasu real estate market. After all, knowing your Havasu home worth helps you determine a realistic listing price.

Knowing how much your Lake Havasu home is worth gives you a realistic picture of what you should list it for so that it doesn't languish on the market.

How Much is My Havasu Home Worth?

Online Estimators

The internet can be very helpful in determining the value of your Lake Havasu real estate. Many websites offer online tools that provide an estimate of a property’s worth, like the home value estimator tool at Simply plug in your address and it searches recent sales in your neighborhood and compares that to your home’s amenities to come up with an estimated value.

Real Estate Professionals

Online estimators are great for a general idea. But a real estate professional utilizes more specific tools to determine the value of your Lake Havasu real estate. They look at comps in the area similar in size, age, and location to yours. They can also factor in upgrades you may have made that the online estimators dont’ take into consideration.

Why Do You Need to Know Your Home’s Worth Before You List?

Just guessing about your home’s value before you put it on the Havasu real estate market could be detrimental to your sale. If you think it’s worth $500,000 but it’s really only worth $450,000, you might have a tough time finding a buyer. Then, it sits on the market for far too long. Even if you did find a buyer to pay the higher price, banks only lend up to the value of the property. Anything over that must either be paid by the buyer bringing cash to the table or you will need to lower your sale price to accommodate the difference.

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