How to Maximize Your Closet Space
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Adding curb appeal helps bring buyers inside your real estate in Lake Havasu. But once inside, what will they find? A nice kitchen or bathroom remodel appeals to many buyers on the Havasu real estate market. And home staging always helps buyers picture themselves in the space. But never overlook your closets when preparing your property for the market. You want to make sure you maximize your closet space as much as possible before you even list it.

Maximizing Your Closet Space


Like the rest of your real estate in Lake Havasu, your closets need to be decluttered, too. Grab some bags or boxes and start sorting through your closets one at a time. Decide what can be sold or donated and what needs to be thrown out. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Only fill up about two-thirds of your closet with what is left so that it appears less full. You might need to store some of your clothes elsewhere for the time being. But that will only be temporary…until you sell your property.

Don't overlook your closets when preparing your home for the Havasu real estate market. Find out how to maximize your closet space no matter its size.


Like most rooms in your real estate in Lake Havasu, adding a fresh coat of paint makes them appear brighter and like new. If you don’t have a light in your closet, add one. Big box stores offer lighting options that require little to no assembly or skill to install. If your closet already includes a light, consider adding a brighter wattage bulb to make the closet appear even brighter. Buyers want to feel like they can reach into the back of the closet for storage.


Professional closet organizational systems cost hundreds of dollars. If this isn’t in your budget, add a small area of shelving on one side and a low-cost shoe rack on the bottom. The goal is to make the closet of your real estate in Lake Havasu appear neat and orderly rather than an overstuffed cluttered mess. If you really want to appear organized, hang like clothing with each other (pants with pants, shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses, etc). Then, color-coordinate each section by placing all the blues together, all the greys together, all the whites together, and so on. While not completely necessary, it does create a more appealing sight to buyers.

The key to grabbing a buyer’s attention is to make sure your property is showroom ready before you list it on the Havasu real estate market. This includes maximizing your closet space before you take pictures or do a virtual tour. When you’re ready to sell your Lake Havasu home, contact me.

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