Virtual Tours Proving To Be a Valuable Tool in Today's Lake Havasu Real Estate Market
By www-thehavasuhome-com April 22, 2020

Planning on putting your home on the Havasu real estate market anytime soon? Definitely start implementing my decluttering tips ASAP to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you depersonalize your space as well to appeal to the most buyers. In this “new normal” we live right now, the old traditional ways of selling real estate in Lake Havasu have changed. Open houses? Bye-bye. Not with social distancing. Most real estate companies won’t even allow a private tour. How do buyers see your house now? Virtual tours. So, make sure your real estate agent has a great videographer available to show off the best your property has to offer.

With social distancing the "norm" during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tours are proving to be a valuable tool in today's Lake Havasu real estate market.

Virtual Tours: An Important Tool in Marketing Your Home

Sure, one picture may be worth a thousand words. But a video speaks volumes about your real estate in Lake Havasu. With buyers even more dependent upon online searches to find their dream home in the Havasu real estate market, incorporating virtual tours into your listing helps them visualize what your house looks like. Like snowflakes, no two tours are alike. You have a few options to choose from. And you might even want to use more than one.

Walkthrough Tour

An easy way to create a virtual tour of your real estate in Lake Havasu is with a simple walkthrough. Your agent takes their cameraphone and walks around the property, explaining the various amenities and highlights. Many agents have been doing this for a while now. People like shorter, to-the-point videos rather than long drawn out ones. So, keep the videos to between five and ten minutes long.

Professional Video

For a more professional look, you might want to hire a videographer to create a beautiful virtual tour of your real estate in Lake Havasu. Some real estate companies include that as part of their services. (It doesn’t hurt to ask.) These videos can then be added to your online listing and marketed through social media.

3D Tours

Another fun way to show off your house is through a 3D virtual tour. Much like Google Street View, a potential buyer can wander through your home without actually being there in person. Simply click through to move from room to room.

Facetime Live Open House

Some agents utilize Facetime Live to host a virtual open house when your property hits the Havasu real estate market. They invite brokers, other agents, clients, and potential buyers to join them during a specific time to tour your property live. At that time, they answer questions and listen to feedback from the viewers. It can be a valuable tool in the marketing process.

Facetime Tour

Agents also act as a surrogate for their clients by visiting the real estate in Lake Havasu themselves and Facetiming their client while there. Like the Facetime Live open house, this allows the buyer to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. It also lets the buyer review specific areas more closely if needed in a safe way.

As you can see, even in the age of Coronavirus, people need homes. Buyers are out there. The Havasu real estate market (like all others around the country) just needed to adjust the way it showcases homes for sale so that buyers can still see the property without ever stepping foot in it. When you’re ready to list your home, please contact me.

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