Patio Flooring Enhances Outdoor Living Spaces
By www-thehavasuhome-com February 19, 2020

Outdoor living spaces provide a major draw for today’s home buyer. That’s especially true in the Havasu real estate market. Many of today’s buyers’ list “swimming pool” near the top of their wish list for real estate in Lake Havasu. But even without a pool, a nice outdoor space to lounge, barbecue or entertain fetches top dollar for home sellers. You might want to put some thought into the type of patio flooring you use. This definitely needs to be included in your outdoor living space design.

Lake Havasu home buyers want to see nice outdoor living spaces as part of their homes. Patio flooring enhances this space. What choices are out there?

Patio Flooring Options


This might be the first option that pops into mind. And today, owners of Lake Havasu real estate get to choose between different colors, adding a stamped design, brushing it, painting it or scoring it. You might even opt to incorporate pebbles, brick, tile or other elements into the design for something truly unique.


A nice wood deck never goes out of style in the Havasu real estate market. It works great with just about any design style you feature: rustic, modern, beachy. Sand it down and refinish it. Then you have an entirely new look. That makes this a very versatile material to utilize in your outdoor living space design.

Natural Stone

Another option for patio flooring in your Lake Havasu real estate is natural stone. This creates a more high-end, luxurious look to your patio area. Popular natural stone trends include slate, granite, travertine, and even marble. However, natural stone tends to wear down easier. So, families with little kids or households with pets might not appreciate it no matter how beautiful it looks.

Ceramic Tile

This classic choice offers a cool alternative for flooring in a hot climate such as the one the Havasu real estate market exists in. Make sure it isn’t glazed, though, especially if your home includes a pool. But a good sealant maintains the look and integrity of the ceramic tile for years to come.

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