Home Improvement Projects That Increase Your Home's Value
By www-thehavasuhome-com January 29, 2020

Are you thinking about selling your real estate in Lake Havasu sometime this year? It’s a great time. Sales prices have never been this high before. Before you put it on the Havasu real estate market, though, you need to make sure your property looks its best. That might mean performing some updates/renovations. These four home improvement projects actually add value to your home. In turn, you nab a higher sale price. That means more money in your pocket to put towards your next home.

To receive top dollar for your Lake Havasu real estate, you might want to consider these home improvement projects that increase your home's value.

Home Improvement Projects

Concentrate on Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your real estate in Lake Havasu. Simple, inexpensive exterior home improvement projects include painting the front door, adding large house numbers to make them easier to see from the street, and updating your light fixtures. In addition, make sure to trim your shrubs and get rid of weeds on a regular basis. Add a water feature and flowering drought-resistant plants to bring color and interest to your front yard. Always make sure to clean up any trash or debris. Keep trash bins out of sight. And put toys and tools away.

Smart Home/Energy-Efficient Features

Smart/energy-efficient features appeal to buyers of all ages in the Havasu real estate market. A few smart features you might want to consider adding to your real estate in Lake Havasu include a home security system, a programmable thermostat, smart refrigerators, and energy-efficient washers and dryers. Even replacing windows with newer, more energy-efficient ones appeal to buyers. They lower energy costs and look better than older, outdated, worn out windows.

Repurpose/Add Rooms

If possible, include adding a bedroom or bathroom to your home improvement projects list. No extra space? Look for rooms that can be utilized in another way. One simple way to attract buyers is to transform an extra bedroom into a home office before you list it on the Havasu real estate market. We see more and more people working at least part-time from home. So adding a few pieces of office furniture and staging it as a home office could make buyers see more value in your home. Create a hangout area for the kids or teens in unused attic space. But, if your budget allows, adding an extra bedroom and/or bathroom increases your square footage and adds value to your real estate in Lake Havasu.

Update That Kitchen

Finally, the kitchen. They say it’s the heart of the home. Buyers definitely look closely at the kitchen. (Bathrooms run a close second.) If it looks a bit worse for wear, consider putting some elbow grease and money into updating your kitchen before you place it on the Havasu real estate market. Even something as simple as a coat of paint and installing pulls or handles on the cabinets and drawers dramatically changes the look of the room. Get rid of tiled counters and add a lovely soapstone, marble or granite countertop. Definitely update old appliances. If you only have room in the budget to renovate one room in your real estate in Lake Havasu, the kitchen is a good place to put it.

Talk to your real estate agent to find out where they think you should concentrate on improvement. They know what buyers are looking for right now. Trust them to steer you in the right direction.

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