Pros and Cons of Offering a Discount on Your Home
By www-thehavasuhome-com December 13, 2019

Anyone who lists their home on the Havasu real estate market wants to get the highest price possible for it. To do so, you must first ensure it looks its best. However, if a major renovation of your home in Lake Havasu isn’t in your budget, you might have to get creative. Incentives like a discount might entice a buyer to purchase your property without obliviating your savings first.

Offering a Discount/Allowance on Your Home


Has your property sat on the Havasu real estate market for a while? Are buyers constantly bringing up your home’s need for updates? An upgraded garage, a totally renovated kitchen, and a dazzling backyard appeal to many buyers. However, your budget might not allow for these extravagances. If your flooring has been worn thin or your kitchen was “to die for” in the ’80s, you might need to create interest with buyers by offering a discount on your home. Contact a few local contractors to get bids for necessary work. Then, offer a discount on the list price to compensate for the cost. Put a positive spin on it by saying that you wanted to update the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom, etc., but realized that your tastes in colors and features might not be the same as the buyer. This way, they can mold the property into their vision of the perfect abode.


Unfortunately, offering an allowance comes with its drawbacks, too. First and foremost, most buyers want a house that is turn-key ready. Even with the growing popularity of DIY shows on TV, most people just don’t have the time to put into major renovations in their homes. Others might be putting all the money they can spare simply into purchasing a property. The idea of sinking even more into updating it might stop them short.

Is there a third option? You realize your home in Lake Havasu needs some updates. But budget constraints keep you from making them before you list it on the Havasu real estate market. Your best bet is to price it appropriately to balance out any negative perception. And, as always, do the most with what you’ve got by eliminating clutter and conducting a thorough cleaning of your place from top to bottom. Stage each room to highlight the positive. Fix up whatever you can, even the little things. Get rid of any stinky smells. And always add a fresh coat of paint. Most people can do that without any experience whatsoever. It costs a small amount of money to do so and creates a cleaner look to any room. Talk to your Lake Havasu REALTOR® to find out what option they believe to be best for your situation.

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