Breathe New Life Into a Stale Listing
By www-thehavasuhome-com January 17, 2020

Has your property been on the Havasu real estate market for a while? Did you see a ton of traffic in the beginning but haven’t received any offers? If your real estate in Lake Havasu just sat on the market for the last couple of months, it might need a bit of a refresher. Learn how to breathe new life into a stale listing with a few simple, yet effective tips.

How to Breathe New Life Into a Stale Listing

Update Your Staging

One of the reasons your real estate in Lake Havasu might linger on the market is due to poor staging. Believe it or not, rearranging the furniture creates a renewed energy for your space. Consider removing large pieces from a smaller room. Or move a table or chair from one room and place it in another. Changing out the accessories might help, too. Embrace the holidays and add special touches. But do it sparingly. A little holiday spirit goes a long way. Now that Halloween’s over, use warm fall colors and natural accents (like pinecones, leaves in maroon, deep yellow, and orange, small pumpkins and gourds, etc.) to add an autumn touch. For December, change to soft wintery tones on your dining room table and the mantelpiece above your fireplace. Place a welcoming wreath on the front door.

New Listing Photos

After you update your staging, consider taking new photos. Change your main listing photo online to garner a renewed interest in the property. Take photos both day and night to utilize dramatic differences in lighting. This especially shines through when your real estate in Lake Havasu includes a swimming pool. It might be time to hire a professional, too. They know how to work angles and lighting to show off your home’s best assets. Then, make sure your agent uploads these photos onto your MLS listing so that other agents can see them. It may very well be the catalyst you need to breathe new life into your stale listing on the Havasu real estate market.

Reassess Your Asking Price

Another reason buyers and buyers’ agents lose interest might be due to an unreasonable listing price. No matter how much money you invest in your real estate in Lake Havasu, the market determines its value. If no one makes an offer, it could be that you’re asking too much. Currently, the Havasu real estate market favors sellers. In October, it took just under 30 days on average for a Havasu home to go from “just listed” to “under contract”. So, if your listing sat on the market longer than that, I’d definitely consider reassessing your asking price.

Hire a New Agent

Finally, it might not be your listing at all. It could actually be your agent. If you lost confidence in your agent’s abilities, it might be time to cut them loose and look for someone else. Ask around for recommendations. Then interview a few to find the one you’re most comfortable with. Your last agent may have been a nice person, but this is business. If they can’t get the job done, you need to move on to someone who can.

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