Making Repairs After a Home Inspection
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Home inspections play an important part in selling your real estate in Lake Havasu. Most buyers hire a professional to inspect the condition of the home before purchasing it. If the inspection reveals a problem, the buyer may insist that you fix it before they commit to a final sale. In turn, this may slow down or even halt the sale altogether. That’s why a pre-listing inspection before you officially put your property on the Havasu real estate market can be beneficial. However, even if you don’t perform a pre-listing inspection and the buyer’s home inspection uncovers issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the burden of fixing them falls on your shoulders.

Making Repairs After a Home Inspection

Common Required Repairs

So, which repairs will lenders insist the seller take care of before approving funding for the buyer? Typically, things like structural issues, safety issues, any problems with the furnace or chimney, and building code violations. Of course, these also tend to be costlier to fix. Also, if the septic system, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC aren’t running properly, you might be responsible for getting them into good working order. Furthermore, any roofing problems or pest issues (termites, mice, etc.) fall on your shoulders to take care of before the final sale of your home.

These things show up in a pre-listing inspection. If done before you list on the Havasu real estate market, use that time to obtain quotes from contractors in the area. For those with a tight budget, use these quotes as a basis for offering a buyer’s credit. In exchange for lowering your sale price, the buyer takes on the burden of repairing these issues themselves.

What Isn’t Considered a Required Repair?

That being said, some repairs aren’t the seller’s responsibility. Which ones? Cosmetic issues and anything attributed to normal wear-and-tear typically fall outside the realm of required repairs. Just make sure your inspection contract on your home stipulates that these are not your responsibility in order to cover yourself.

Some Wiggle Room

As a seller, your best bet is for the buyer to accept the property “as is”. When that isn’t the case, some repairs may be negotiable. Talk with your Lake Havasu REALTOR® to find out what repairs the current Havasu real estate market expects a seller to tackle and which you might be able to push back on a bit. Sometimes, something as simple as offering to pay for a home warranty for the first year. Other times, throwing in certain appliances or other items might assuage a buyer’s concerns. Stay flexible and open to negotiation in order to make the deal happen. That’s always your best bet.

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