Selling Your Havasu Home During the Holidays
By www-thehavasuhome-com October 16, 2019

Most of the real estate markets around the country hit their peak in the summer. That’s not the case with the Havasu real estate market. (Who wants to move in triple-digit temperatures unless you absolutely have to?) Instead, we tend to hit our peak in the spring. But now that we’re nearing the end of the year, should you hold off until next spring before you sell your real estate in Lake Havasu? No. Buyers are still out there looking. There just might be a little bit less of them around the holidays. Here are some tips to help you sell your home during the holidays.

Selling Your Havasu Home During the Holidays

Be Prepared

This works as part of the Boy Scout motto and a good rule of thumb in general. It also works when you want to sell your real estate in Lake Havasu. Spruce up your outdoor living space. Perform a thorough cleaning in order to avoid some of the issues that might halt a sale in its tracks. Make sure you stage your home so that it’s ready for showing at a moment’s notice. Listen to whatever your agent suggests you do in order to get your house sold. After all, they have their finger on the pulse of the Havasu real estate market. They know what sells and what doesn’t.

Listing Photos

A large percentage of homebuyers in today’s Havasu real estate market start their home search online. Therefore, you need photos that make your real estate in Lake Havasu pop off the screen. Always clean and stage before you take pictures. Consider hiring a professional to get the best results possible. Your agent might know somebody. Ask them. Take advantage of natural light.

Lighting is Important

Use natural light whenever possible. Before a showing, open up all the windows to let that natural light shine. For dark areas of your real estate in Lake Havasu, use higher wattage bulbs or add an extra lamp or two. However, in the bedroom, keep it soft.

Embrace the Holidays, Don’t Ignore Them

Now, when I say “embrace”, I don’t mean “go overboard”. Gaudy never works with buyers. Tasteful decorations placed intermittently around your real estate in Lake Havasu work much better than holidays on steroids. A glass pumpkin tucked into the bookshelf. Cinnamon sticks in a glass bowl of pinecones on the countertop. A beautiful wreath on the mantle. All of these touches allow you to acknowledge the season without drowning in the decorations.

Don’t Forget Your Curb Appeal

First impressions last. Make sure your curb appeal is on point. Keep shrubbery trimmed and weeds pulled. Add flowering succulents in potted plants to your front entryway. Hang an autumn-inspired wreath on your front door in October and November. Replace it with a winter-themed one in December and January. And before you know it, a buyer will snap up your little piece of real estate in Lake Havasu. Contact me to get started on your home selling journey today.

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