Buyers Like to See Home Office Space
By www-thehavasuhome-com October 02, 2019

More and more people telecommute nowadays. With over three and half million Americans choosing to work from home for at least 50% of their work-week, it makes sense that buyers look for home office space as part of their real estate in Lake Havasu. That’s a 115% increase from 2005. And that doesn’t even include self-employed workers (which makes up approximately 10% of the total workforce).

Home Office Space and the Havasu Home

Home Office Staging Tips

Many of the newly constructed homes on the Havasu real estate market include dedicated office space. When it comes to the home office tax deduction, you can only claim the actual space you utilize as an office. It makes it much easier on you, the homeowner, if this is one room in your real estate in Lake Havasu dedicated specifically to work and nothing else. Stage one of your bedrooms as a home office. Put shelves or shelving units up on one wall to hold office supplies and papers. Use decorative baskets or bins to make it appear well organized. Opt for a table instead of a desk to keep the space open and bright. You might even want to set up extra shelving in the closet to allow for more storage. Make sure you have a cable and phone connection handy as well as extra electrical outlets to accommodate any office equipment you may use. When showing your home to buyers, stress how easily this can be converted back into a bedroom if needed.

Flex Space

Even though it might be easier at tax time to claim a whole room of your real estate in Lake Havasu as your home office space, you might be limited in living area. If you only have a few bedrooms with none to spare, stage one room as a guest room/office with a desk in one corner and a twin or double bed in another area of the room. Don’t overcrowd the room, though. You don’t want it to look cramped. Instead of a large, clunky desk in a small room, set up a smaller dining table (such as a bistro table) or use a corner desk to save space.

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