Garage Updates That Add Value to Your Havasu Home
By www-thehavasuhome-com September 26, 2019

Home value comes in two flavors: “real” and “perceived”. Sometimes, updating your real estate in Lake Havasu increases the dollar value of it. Other times, these renovations/repairs/upgrades, etc., simply make it look better to buyers. While not necessarily increasing the actual value of your home, it increases its perceived value to anyone seeking a new home in the Havasu real estate market. In turn, that might translate into a higher sale price. Garage updates add both real and perceived value to your home. You don’t need to break the bank to get them done and many can be completed over the course of a weekend.

Garage Updates


First and foremost, take a look at your garage door. If it looks a bit worse for wear, consider replacing it. In fact, replacing the garage door offers the best return on investment (ROI) of any home upgrades. It helps make your property safer and can completely change the exterior look of your house, adding important curb appeal. Plus, its low depreciation rate means that if you replace it today, it still retains its value a few years down the road. That’s great for homeowners who don’t plan on selling right away. To make it even more attractive to buyers, consider using a smart system so that the garage door hooks up to your wireless network. This allows you to control it from your smartphone. You’ll never wonder whether the garage door closed when you left your real estate in Lake Havasu again. Today’s buyers in the Havasu real estate market love to see smart home features. This would be another easy one to install while you do your garage updates.

Insulation and A/C

Anyone who’s ever had to work in their garage during the summer knows how hot it can be. Adding insulation and an air conditioning system helps make it easier to complete your tasks in the garage on even the hottest of days. Even if you just add insulation, it can decrease the temperature in your garage by as much as 30 degrees in the summer while maintaining warmth in the winter. That helps make other appliances you might keep in the garage of your real estate in Lake Havasu functioning more efficiently as well, such as an extra refrigerator or deep freezer. Make sure you insulate the garage door, as well. That’s the biggest culprit of air leaks.


We’re seeing more and more attention to garage flooring in the Havasu real estate market. Not only does it make the garage look more attractive, but it can also protect the floor from cracks and stains, increasing its longevity. Adding garage floor tiles costs at least $1000 for a two-car garage. For a less expensive yet equally appealing option, consider epoxy paint or a rubber flooring.

Organization System

Set up an organizational system. A place for everything and everything in its place. An organized garage looks much larger than a messy one. Plus, you won’t have to spend time searching for your tools when you need them. Whether it’s a simple pegboard and hooks or a professional system, any type of organization in the garage will only help you when it comes time to sell your real estate in Lake Havasu.

The Little Things

Finally, think about the little things you can add that make life easier. What do I mean? Most of us rarely use the front door to enter our own homes. Instead, we go in and out through the garage. When that includes an armful of groceries or athletic equipment, finding a way to juggle that while trying to twist a doorknob might get a little tricky. Change out your twisting doorknob for a lever-style handle instead. Then, all you have to do is push down the lever instead of twisting a knob when your hands are full. Also, consider adding a simple flip-down doorstop to the bottom of your door. This keeps the door from closing when you make multiple trips back and forth from car to kitchen. These are both little things that just make it that much easier to get through your day.

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