Upgrade No-Nos When Marketing to Millenials
By www-thehavasuhome-com September 11, 2019

Millennials make up a large portion of homebuyers in today’s market. If you want to sell your real estate in Lake Havasu, you need to keep this in mind. Luckily, some of the things millennials look for also appeal to other generations of buyers in the Havasu real estate market. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about what millennials look for when buying a house. It’s just as important to know what they don’t want to see. So, before you spend money on upgrades or staging that won’t help you sell your real estate in Lake Havasu, find out what they aren’t interested in seeing in a house.

Upgrade No-Nos When Marketing to Millenials

Formal Dining Room

When you were a kid, how often did you eat in the formal dining room? I only remember using it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a rare special occasion here and there. Otherwise, that room sat empty and unused. Millennials in today’s Havasu real estate market are perfectly content with an informal eat-in kitchen. If your kitchen needs some updating and your floor plan includes a formal dining area, consider combining the two rooms into one large kitchen area with a breakfast nook and kitchen island with lots of cabinets and counter space.

Closed Off Separate Rooms

Luckily, this appeals to most buyers of real estate in Lake Havasu today, not just millennials. Today’s buyer, in general, wants to see an open floor plan. Hosts want to interact with their guests while finishing up meals to serve. Parents want to keep an eye on their kids while they do dishes or get dinner ready. Closed off space won’t allow that to happen. Tear down the walls between the main living areas to create one large, free-flowing space. For load-bearing walls, you’ll need to add a header. This can get a little costly. But it may help you sell your home on the Havasu real estate market a little faster and for a little more money. Talk to your Lake Havasu real estate agent first to see if it’s worth the expense.


In the bedrooms? Fine. Anywhere else? Not so much. If your carpet’s a bit worse for wear and needs to be replaced, think about changing to wood or wood laminate flooring instead. Tile still reigns supreme in the bathrooms. Consumers today have a veritable cornucopia to choose from that fit within a variety of budgets. Plus, they’re much more pet-friendly than carpeting because they don’t retain smells and clean up easier when messes happen. That appeals to all ages of animal lovers, not just millennials.

Rec Rooms

Finally, let’s talk rec rooms. Pool and ping-pong tables are fun. But millennials love to take their gaming online. And with home electronics constantly evolving, more and more people choose streaming videos instead of going to the movie theater. So, emphasizing a media/game room works better in today’s marketplace than a traditional “rec room”. Stage this space as such before you place it on the Havasu real estate market and you’ll appeal to all buyers.

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