After the Move/Before the Sale Home Maintenance Tasks
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You found the perfect piece of real estate in Lake Havasu that you want to make your own. The sellers of the new house accepted your offer. After closing escrow, you moved out of the old and into the new. However, you still need to sell your current property on the Havasu real estate market. To ensure it sells in a timely manner, there may be a few repairs/maintenance tasks you will need to make. Luckily, it’s easier to do these things inside an empty house.

After the Move/Before the Sale Home Maintenance Tasks


It’s inevitable. Live in a house long enough, you’re bound to bump and scrape the walls. The simple act of hanging pictures creates tiny holes. In fact, you may find holes in places you were unaware of once your furniture is gone. Smooth out small holes and scratches (like those created by nails and screws) with spackling compound. For larger ones, you may need to use joint compound to smooth them out. Both of these can be found in any home improvement store. It takes only a few minutes and minimal skill to fix most of them, too.


After patching, add a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your real estate in Lake Havasu. Keep a neutral palette throughout. If you like the current color of your walls, then peel off a small sample of paint (about the length of your index finger) in an out-of-the-way area. Take this sample to the paint store so they can match it. Light gray has become a popular color recently because it adds depth to rooms while complementing any color of decor. For a spa-like feel in the bathroom, soft blues, grays or greens work well.


Always do a deep cleaning before placing your property on the Havasu real estate market. But, if you did that once before, moving furnishings out of a house may show that there were areas you missed. Thankfully, this task becomes easier once your real estate in Lake Havasu is empty. It allows you access to every nook and cranny. Shampoo all carpeting. If you can’t afford a pro, rent a shampooer at a home improvement store. Some grocery stores even rent these out. Buff out any scratches in hardwood floors and then clean them with a cleaner that contains isopropyl alcohol in it. A capful of white vinegar added to a gallon of water works well, too.


Now that you have easy access to the electrical outlets, change out any old, cracked or missing ones. Consider upgrading your kitchen and bedroom outlets with ones that include a USB port. Buyers will appreciate this since it makes charging phones, tablets, and other smart devices much easier. Also, swap out the old hardware in the kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms of your real estate in Lake Havasu with newer ones. Update your lighting fixtures for a fresher look as well.


Finally, take a look around your master bathroom. Next to the kitchen, the master suite is the most popular area to catch buyers’ attention. It can make or break a sale in the Havasu real estate market. Instead of spending thousands on a major overhaul, consider making small yet significant changes to improve your bathoom’s functionality. Bathroom tile making the room feel dull and dingy? Regrout it. Faucets and toilet out-of-date? Replace them with more energy-efficient models. Buyers like that. Showerheads spewing a harsh gush of water? Install a water-saving showerhead in its place. Even small changes like this improve the look and marketability of your master bathroom.

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