What Millennials Want in Today's Marketplace
By www-thehavasuhome-com August 21, 2019

In today’s marketplace, Millennials make up approximately 42% of home buyers. If you have been thinking about putting your property on the Havasu real estate market, you need to make sure that your home caters to their interests. That way, you attract more of this segment of the buying public to your real estate in Lake Havasu. Luckily, some of what they like also falls in the realm of interest for older buyers as well. Here’s what you need to focus on to attract millennials to your property.

What Millennials Look For Most in Today’s Real Estate Market

Office Space

In today’s job market, we see more and more employers allowing their workers to telecommute. This means an office space is essential in today’s real estate in Lake Havasu. If you cannot dedicate one specific room for office space (preferably, the smallest bedroom you have), then carve out a niche somewhere inside. Then, add desk space, cabinets, and bookshelves. Make sure that interest access is readily available. A phone jack nearby helps as well. (Yes, some internet providers still require a phone jack to bring internet service into your home.) Gen-Xers also appreciate a home office. Bonus for marketing your house on the Havasu real estate market!

Smart Home Features & Energy-Efficient Appliances

So many people embrace the ever-evolving tech world. Millennials are no exception. They want to see smart home features such as a smart home security system and thermostat already installed in the real estate in Lake Havasu they’re interested in. Millennials also want to see energy-efficient dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers, too. If your home doesn’t already include these, consider an upgrade. Put the upcoming Labor Day deals to good use!

Movie/Game Room

Home stereo systems and television sets improved tremendously over the past few years thanks to innovations in technology. And streaming services allow us to access huge caches of entertainment selections. Because of this, fewer people choose theaters for their movie experience. Additionally, many millennials enjoy online gaming as a way to socialize with other like-minded individuals. When staging your real estate in Lake Havasu to sell, set up a space where several people can gather for entertainment purposes, like a movie and/or game room.

USB Ports

One thing that you may not have thought about are USB ports. So many devices we use every day need a USB port to charge up. Change out old electrical outlets with updated ones that include USB ports in them. That frees up an outlet for something else to plug into it instead. This impresses buyers of all ages, not just millennials.

Outdoor Living Space

Expand your living space to the outside of your property to impress millennials and other buyers. Fire pits provide great gathering places for friends and family. An outdoor kitchen or barbecue area practically begs buyers to invite loved ones over. Low maintenance appeals to all ages as well.

Lots of Storage

Finally, no matter how large a property is, there never seems to be enough storage. Add shelving and/or cabinets to your garage. Organizational systems in your pantry and closets also help. Consider purchasing a shed for your gardening tools or as storage for your sand toys. Any storage you can squeeze into your real estate in Lake Havasu without it feeling cramped will be particularly attractive to millennials as well as other buyers.

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