Four Big Issues That Could Halt a Home Sale in Its Tracks
By www-thehavasuhome-com July 17, 2019

The Havasu real estate market is almost as hot as its summertime temperatures. To take advantage, you want to put your real estate in Lake Havasu up for sale. You already performed your spring cleaning earlier this year to clear out your extra junk. Interior and exterior home improvement projects brought your home up to date and ready to show. However, there may be other issues you and your family simply learned to live with that could stop a home sale from ever coming to fruition.

What Issues Could Halt a Home Sale in Its Tracks?

Bad Carpeting

Old, outdated, worn out, stained carpeting turns off buyers of real estate in Lake Havasu. To them, it signifies another expense (replacing it) as well as a lack of attention from you, the homeowner. What else might be outdated or not maintained? For you, its an easy fix. Yes, you might need to shell out a few bucks to replace it (around $10 to $20 per square foot). But, a fresh new look gets your home sold much faster. So, this investment is well worth it.

Your Domestic Menagerie

Remember those Febreeze commercials? (You smell this, but your guests smell THIS!) We tend to go “nose blind” to the smells lingering inside our real estate in Lake Havasu. But buyers smell them. Take the time to deep clean all carpets, furniture, drapes, upholstery of all kinds. Then, use a light potpourri or simmer pot to help cover up lingering odors. Even better, consider purchasing volcanic rock like Gonzo Odor Eliminator from your local home improvement store. Like activated charcoal, these natural rocks soak up smells without harm to people or pets. And, since they emit no fragrance at all, they won’t exacerbate allergies. Simply leave them out in the sun to activate them and then place them in decorative bowls around the house.

Lack of Privacy

Does your single-family home sit right next to a two-story one? We love our privacy. You want to be able to lounge by the pool or in your hot tub without the neighbors peering in at your every move. Consider planting some trees native to the area before placing your home on the Havasu real estate market. African Sumac, Chinese Elm, and Chilean Mesquite all thrive in a desert climate like ours. They also provide shade and privacy from nosy neighbors.


Finally, that worst of four-letter words for homeowners: mold. Luckily, in a dry climate like ours, mold issues are rare. But they do happen. If your real estate in Lake Havasu experienced a leak in the past, you might have mold. Thoroughly inspect every area of your property (inside and out) to look for signs of mold. Then, take care of it right away, well before you place your home on the Havasu real estate market.

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