Does a Swimming Pool Increase Your Appeal to Buyers?
By www-thehavasuhome-com July 10, 2019

We love water here in Lake Havasu City. But that shouldn’t come as surprise since we live in the desert. With so many visitors to our lake year-round, many owners of real estate in Lake Havasu opt to spend time in their own private pool. That way, they avoid the crowds at the lake. If you plan on putting your property on the Havasu real estate market, though, how does owning a swimming pool affect your sale? Does it hurt or hinder? That mostly depends on the buyer and the other houses in your neighborhood.

Does a Swimming Pool Increase Your Appeal to Buyers?

In a place like the Havasu real estate market, we see a high number of homes that include a swimming pool. Many buyers almost expect to see one in the backyard. So, if your house doesn’t include a pool, it might hurt you. But for some buyers, it might be a turn-off. Why? The upkeep of a pool can get expensive. Between cleaning, equipment maintenance, the additional expense on your energy costs, and added insurance costs, some buyers may consider it a luxury they cannot afford. Also, the safety factor weighs heavily on some buyers’ minds, especially if their family includes small children. For some buyers, a swimming pool may be a turnoff. For others, it might be a necessity.

How Do You Market Your Swimming Pool Effectively?

Keep safety at the top of your mind…and the buyer’s mind, too. How? Get rid of the diving board. Add gated fencing around the pool to keep unsupervised little ones from easy access. Play up the outdoor space when staging. Add colorful pillows, comfy cushions, lots of seating, and lighting to create a fun, festive atmosphere.

Lake Havasu City remains a destination of choice for many in the Southwest US. Lots of people look for real estate in Lake Havasu as a vacation home. Investors also like the idea of owning rental property here specifically for tourists. Our secondary market is one of the strongest in the country. And most visitors who vacation in the Havasu real estate market look for properties that include private pools. As a means of physical fitness, pools provide “no impact” ways to get your workout on. Whether swimming laps or indulging in water aerobics, a pool offers hours of backyard therapy without the hassle of a gym membership. Plus, they’re great for entertaining almost any day of the year here in Lake Havasu City.

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