Home Remodel Timeline: Your Five Year Plan
By www-thehavasuhome-com May 29, 2019

Renovating your real estate in Lake Havasu to make it attractive to today’s buyers makes good sense. You want your property to cater to modern buyers’ tastes. You should complete any remodeling/repairing/updating before you place it on the Havasu real estate market. However, you do this too early and you run the risk of it becoming outdated before you list. Wait too long and you may not have enough time to get complete every task you want. Here’s a home remodel timeline to help you map out as far out as five years before you plan on selling your property.

Home Remodel Timeline: Your Five Year Plan

Five Years Before You Sell

Most roofs should last you 15-20 years. But, if your roof is looking a bit shabby, now’s the time to replace it. In your home remodel timeline, take a look at the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems in your real estate in Lake Havasu. This includes your plumbing equipment as well. Repair or replace anything that needs it. You want to be able to say that all these major areas are less than five years old when you do put your home on the Havasu real estate market. It also gives you time to enjoy the fruits of your labor in energy savings before you sell. In addition, roof replacement and major system upgrades are some of the home improvements that lower your insurance costs. Then, take a good look at the front door and your garage door. A newer front door helps increase your curb appeal. Meanwhile, replacing your garage door offers the best return on investment. They can completely transform the exterior look of your home and you won’t have to worry about depreciation on it.

Two Years Before You Sell

Some home remodel projects take a little time to complete. Two years before you decide to put your home on the Havasu real estate market, bring the kitchen and bathrooms into the modern age. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton to complete a bathroom or kitchen update either. Small changes like repainting cabinets (as long as they are in good condition) and adding/updating hardware on the cabinets and drawers cost little money to do but make a major impact. A fresh coat of paint, a new mirror, and updated fixtures keep the budget contained as well. And you don’t have to wait until next year to complete your spring cleaning. Two years before you sell allows you time to go through every nook and cranny of your real estate in Lake Havasu. Then, maintain that clutter-free existence. It’s also a good time to hire an inspector to go through your house. They’ll identify areas of potential concern. This gives you plenty of time to take care of any problems that may arise during the inspection.

One Year Before You Sell

Finally, we’re coming down to the wire. Your last year before you list your home on the Havasu real estate market. Now’s the time to replace worn-out flooring, especially if you have kids or pets in the house. Scratched wood or stained carpet won’t impress buyers. How do the walls look? Could they use a fresh coat of paint? In the final months before you list, update your accessories (throw pillows, bedding, bathroom linens, shower curtain, patio furniture cushions, etc.). Even the welcome mat could use a replacement. You want to present your real estate in Lake Havasu with a fresh face to potential buyers. And always…ALWAYS…keep up on repairs no matter how far out you are in your home remodel timeline. No sense in scrambling at the very last second to make sure everything is in top working order. When you’re ready to list or property or if you simply have questions about what the current trends are in the Havasu real estate marketcontact me.

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