Maximize Your Bathroom Space to Appeal to Buyers
By www-thehavasuhome-com May 22, 2019

Buyers in the Havasu real estate market want to see lots of space. Storage space. Big rooms. Nice-sized kitchens. But not everyone can afford to tear down walls and reconfigure a floor plan to provide a more open concept. One way to make your real estate in Lake Havasu feel bigger is to do a bit of spring cleaning and clear out the clutter. Last week, I talked about how to make your closest appear bigger. This week, we’ll tackle the bathrooms. Use some of these tips to maximize your bathroom space so it appeals to buyers.

How to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Keep Things in Proper Scale

One way to maximize your bathroom space in your real estate in Lake Havasu is to keep the tile in scale with the size of the bathroom. In the shower, run accent tiles in a vertical line instead of horizontal. This creates the illusion of longer walls. Also, make sure to run the tile all the way up the wall to the ceiling. Glass tiles give off an almost three-dimensional feel, with more depth than a flat surface. Also, the use of smaller, more decorative tile towards the top of the wall brings the eye up towards the ceiling, making the room feel taller.

Lighten Things Up

Like in any other small rooms, lighter colors create a brighter, airy feel to a small bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you have to go stark white for maximum effect. Take down a large, flat mirror over the vanity and replace it with a beautifully framed one. Add a nice light fixture above it with a good light with a 150-watt bulb for proper lighting. Keep decorations to a minimum so that the area doesn’t feel cluttered.

Incorporate Glass

Glass helps create an open feeling to your real estate in Lake Havasu. If you can’t change the size of the room, maximize your bathroom space by using a glass door on your shower instead of a curtain or semi-transparent door. Also, consider replacing the dividing wall between your shower and tub with a glass one. It creates the illusion of openness while maintaining separation.

Textures Create Depth

Paint is an inexpensive way to change the look of any room. But texture helps add depth and maximize the look of your bathroom space. A textured wallpaper on one wall creates a beautiful accent to your real estate in Lake Havasu. It also produces a more luxurious, polished look, which can help compensate for its smaller size.

Add a Sliding Door

Finally, before you put your home on the  Havasu real estate market, maximize your bathroom space but getting rid of that traditional wall. Replace it with a sliding door. Pocket doors tuck neatly away into the wall without taking up space around the entry. Barn doors are also quite popular and look good whether they’re open or closed.

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