How to Make Your Closets Appear Bigger to Buyers
By www-thehavasuhome-com May 15, 2019

No matter how big your real estate in Lake Havasu may be, there never seems to be enough space. The longer we stay in one location, the more likely we are to fill every nook and cranny. But buyers want to see lots of storage space when checking out homes on the Havasu real estate market. Do you have thousands of dollars to spend on a renovation to make your closets and storage spaces bigger? If not, how do you maximize storage in even the tiniest closet? Follow these simple tips and tricks to make your home appear like it has all the space a buyer needs.

How to Make Your Closets Appear Bigger to Buyers

Clear Out the Clutter

A few weeks ago, I talked about how to stage your home without spending a dime. The first item on that list was to declutter. That means going through every closet as well as your garage and taking out anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Whether that’s clothes, linens, holiday decorations or even kitchenware, pare down your items to just the bare essentials. Keep 8-10 days worth of clothes and one change of sheets for each bed in your closets. All non-essential items should be boxed up and stored off-site. The small cost of a storage unit pales in comparison to the speed in which your real estate in Lake Havasu will sell once these items are gone.

Lighten and Brighten it Up

Once you’ve decluttered, make your closet look bigger by painting the inside bright white or even slightly off-white. Light colors help make the area feel bigger. Then, add a closet light inside. That helps illuminate the entire closet, making it feel completely accessible. It doesn’t have to be a fancy light. A simple battery-operated one will do just fine as long as it’s bright enough.

Organize the Space

Before you put your home on the Havasu real estate market, do a bit of organizing. Closet organization systems can get pricey. If you’re on a budget, use decorative bins, shoe racks, and shelves to make the space more appealing. These can be found at your local home improvement store.

Put it on Display

Finally, turn the closets in your real estate in Lake Havasu into a showplace. Think about those high-end clothing boutiques. They don’t stuff their racks with every piece of clothing they carry. Each item is carefully displayed. Arrange your clothes by color. This helps to further create a sense of organization. Only fill up 2/3rds of the space on your shelves and racks. Then, space these items evenly over the entire area so it doesn’t appear cluttered. Consider buying nice wood hangers for your clothes. You want to show buyers that the storage space available is useful and plentiful. This will help sell your home much faster on the Havasu real estate market than if you left these areas crammed with “stuff”.

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